You’re an aspiring novelist. Let’s remove the ‘aspiring’ part

Aspire no more! Your dream is about to get a whole lot closer to reality.

This is what the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge is all about: spending the month of October writing, becoming a part of our writers’ community, and getting a 10,000-word headstart on your novel.

You may be thinking, “But 10,000 words is not an entire novel!”

You’re absolutely right. But I’d rather see you produce 10,000 quality words—that you can fine-tune with help from our community—than just write for the sake of filling up space and meeting a HUGE word count quota.

Can you do it? It takes focus, but at less than 350 words a day, it’s manageable. It’s also worth it: we had some amazing books emerge from the last Challenge.

You’ve always wanted to write a novel. This is your chance! Sign up today


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