How to get into the head of “one VERY unlikable character”

Award-winning author Liberty Henwick

Here’s the premise of award-winning writer Liberty Henwick’s novel-in-progress, P.S.: Agony aunt and magazine journalist Jennifer Pendergast inadvertently uncovers a crime ring in Johannesburg, leading her into the dangerous world of game poaching. As she follows the trail, she soon realises that everything she loves will be at stake, and she must fight not to become a victim herself.

Sound exciting? That’s because it is! And what follows is an excerpt that the author considers very important.

“It’s a pivotal moment in the story,” Liberty told me when I asked her to choose her favorite part. “It has been interesting and challenging trying to get into the heads of one unlikable character, and one very unlikable character.”

Smit leant forward and stared at me, his eyes small and cold in his pale freckled face. I felt the hot tightness from my stomach spread up through my chest. He stood up from behind his desk and came around to where I stood, coming up close to my ear, he dropped his voice. “I think you like the money we have been giving you but now it’s gone, and you are in a bit of trouble, no?”

I turned sharply to look at him and swallowed, my mouth was dry, my fists bunched but he continued.

“And the only way we will give it back to you is if you give us a little help.”

I stared down at my shoes, sweat prickled my forehead. “Who…? Sorry Baas, I don’t understand.”

He hissed between his teeth, little drops of his spit hit my cheek and ear. “You see Sam, I need you to work for us to find those rhino on our night raids, before the other boys do. I need you to keep the other boys from spotting my men from Mozambique before they take the horn. That horn is making me some good money. And now you too, and if you don’t help me,” he paused and looked towards the door to listen for a second, “I will tell the cops that you are just another kaffir taking illegal money from the poachers and helping them.”

It felt as if I’d been slapped in the face.

P.S. won the “Fan Favorite” award this year, and is currently the #1 book on ChapterBuzz.

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