Here’s the secret to writing (every single day!)

Learn more about TimEver wish you could write every single day? I know, I know, there are only so many hours in the day. I’ve heard that one before! Or maybe you’re going through a long spell of writer’s block. Or maybe, like many of us, you tend to procrastinate.

Fortunately, there’s a brand new way to solve these problems. It’s called the Better Writers Club, and it’s a dedicated group of writers who are serious about being productive and feeling optimistic about what they’re accomplishing. (Come to think of it, maybe I should have called it “The Excuse Killer,” because no excuse for putting off writing makes it out alive!)

So, what’s your excuse? Let’s see if we can put it out of its misery:

Lack of time. Ever heard the expression slow and steady wins the race? Same applies here! You don’t have to spend hours writing every day. Half an hour—even fifteen minutes—could be enough to get you in the groove and help move you forward. Easiest way: simply tell yourself that writing is a priority, and—assuming you truly want it to be—it will find a way to fit itself into your schedule.

Writer’s block. You probably just need a nudge! If you can’t think of anything to write about, or are having trouble focusing on the ideas you do have, you’ll have opportunities to respond to our community writing prompts. Since the topics are very specific, it doesn’t take much to get the mental machinery moving. Your response certainly doesn’t have to be anything long or grandiose—but you may just find yourself naturally writing more when one idea starts leading to another! Find your daily writing prompts in the Better Writers Club.

Procrastination. Even a modest task can seem like a herculean chore if you try to conquer it all at once. That’s why I have developed a series of what I call “tiny habits” in my life, which help me make great strides in small increments. Here’s an example almost anyone can find value in: every morning, before I eat breakfast, I make my bed. Why? Because that small amount of discipline gets my day off to a running start. Between that tiny habit and spot-cleaning my apartment whenever I have a few minutes to spare, I rarely feel overwhelmed by the enormity of my household duties, which leads to less procrastination.

So I ask you: could writing as little as a few sentences every morning become one of your tiny habits? Like making the bed, it’s a positive start to the day, and the sense of accomplishment you feel is very motivating. Add a steaming mug of coffee or tea to the mix, and that small window of time just might become your favorite part of the day!

If you’re ready to kick your writing into high gear, join us in the Better Writers Club. Launching January 1st!

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