Will 2018 be your best writing year yet? Make your resolution now

Learn more about TimHappy New Year, writers!

Today marks the official launch of the Better Writers Club, a group for serious writers who wish to hone their skills, develop a daily writing habit, and build a readership while connecting with other novelists.

I am super excited to be kicking off the Club on such a fitting date, January 1st—a day that traditionally symbolizes a fresh start, a new outlook, and a resolve that’s all the steelier to take action on your writing dreams.

When you join the Club, you’ll have access to all sorts of features and benefits:

  • E-mails that motivate. Motivation from your inbox! You’ll get regular e-mails in your inbox to keep you going with your writing.
  • Writing prompts. Say goodbye to writer’s block. Writing prompts will get your creative juices (and your words) flowing.
  • Get feedback and develop your talent. Other writers can tell you what they love, and what could be improved. You’ll learn from other Club members, and share your own knowledge.
  • Post your word count. Show off your progress, stay motivated, and stay on track by posting your weekly word count to your author profile page.
  • Be our featured writer. As you earn Fame Points, you’ll have more opportunities to be a featured Club member. This gives you more exposure and helps you build your readership!
  • Double your Fame Points. On Double Fame Fridays, all of your week’s hard work is rewarded with twice the Fame Points.

I can’t wait to welcome you into the Club. Check it out!