7 signs you’re going to be a VERY successful writer

Learn more about TimThere’s a huge difference between a hobbyist—someone dabbling in writing—and a serious writer who is (or plans to be) a published author.

Do these 7 signs describe you? Then say hello to a bright, bright future!

1. You love to write. It’s something not everybody can do, but because you can, it truly is your passion. And what’s not to love? Writing is a prestigious skill, it’s a powerful outlet for your thoughts and ideas, you can do it from anywhere—the list goes on and on. If you love to write, you can check this item off. You can even say “check” out loud if you want.

2. You have a Grand Vision. You’re constantly imagining your life one month, one year, five years in the future—and what you’ve accomplished in that vision reflects all the hard work you’re putting in now. Since you know that in order to get what you want, you must first know what you want, you’re able to be very specific about what you’ll have achieved, what you’ll still be working on, and the lifestyle you’ll be enjoying—made possible by your writing, of course.

3. You’re writing every day. Since so many of your dreams and goals involve writing, it’s only natural that you spring out of bed every single morning, rarin’ to go. I heard that—you just muttered “not!” under your breath. That’s because like any career-minded writer, you treat writing like a job, which means that some days it’s going to feel like one. But you’ve decided you’re not going to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike, no siree bob. You’ve made writing a priority in your life, and every morning when you sit down and put pen to paper, you’re creating your own inspiration.

4. You continually educate yourself. You know that if you want to truly master your craft, you’ve got to keep learning. Whenever you get a few minutes, you’re watching a YouTube video about writing, reading a blog article, or off attending a writer’s conference somewhere (an excellent way to learn, by the way, but also to network with other writers and keep up on industry trends). The educated writer is the successful writer.

5. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there. If these items were in order of importance, this would arguably be #1. As a writer with a successful career ahead, you do what it takes to get your work in front of readers, interact with other writers, give and receive feedback, and generally make a name for yourself. Participating in forums, joining writing groups, and posting samples of your work are all highly effective ways to do this. (May I suggest the Better Writers Club as a way to do all of this at once?)

6. You realize these things take time. While other writers may feel exasperated and think, I’m already doing everything on this list and nothing’s happening, you’re confidently plugging away in the knowledge that rarely does a writer hit the bigtime overnight. Quite the contrary: most writers invest many, many years in their work, and experience plenty of rejection, discouragement, and disappointment along the way. With the stable career, widespread renown, and upgraded lifestyle that await you, you’re understandably impatient—but mostly excited—for what lies ahead, and you welcome the challenge with open arms.

7. You never give up. Sure, you’ve considered throwing in the towel (we all have!), but since you’re convinced from the deepest level of your being that you have something great to offer the world, you are steadfastly determined to finish what you started, and like the Energizer bunny, you keep going and going and going. Nighttime finds you tirelessly tap-tap-tippity-tap-tap-tapping those keys into the wee hours of the morning, getting your ideas together or adding to a manuscript that you just know people will love—if only they get a chance to read it. And you won’t let them down.

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Timothy Pike is a self-publishing coach and the founder of the Better Writers Club, where Fans, Fame, a community of awesome writers—and of course, writing prompts—await you. Join us!


10 thoughts on “7 signs you’re going to be a VERY successful writer

  1. According to this I’m right on track! I have been passionate about writing since my first heart break. 6 years and two manuscripts later I’m working on the “putting yourself out there.” Part. Hence blogging. I need to start submitting though .

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