3 steps to TAKING ACTION on your writing dreams in 2018

Learn more about TimIt seems most of the advice people receive, especially around this time of year, revolves around doing something. Usually, this is in the form of New Year’s resolutions, which, unfortunately, get made by many but followed through on by few. So instead of merely encouraging you to “do something,” I would like to present a 3-step plan for taking real action in your writing life.

And for maximum effectiveness, we’re only going to focus on the next 30 days.

Here are the steps:

1. Dream big, start small. First, decide what you want to accomplish in the month ahead. Make sure it’s realistic for you, but don’t hesitate to challenge yourself. Now, try a thought experiment: if I told you to start right now, literally this instant, how would you feel? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? If that’s the case, then break it down and figure out what the very first step would be. Still hesitating? Rinse and repeat, breaking it down into even smaller steps, until you have a tangible action step that you feel comfortable taking right now.

2. Declare your intention. Once you know what the very first step is, tell yourself you’re going to do it. Then, tell us you’re going to do it! I call it your 30-Day Declaration of Intention. So go ahead and comment below to let us know your goal for the next month, and what that first step is. Announcing it on this blog is a great way to get involved with our community—a community that can help you achieve your writing goals.

(Speaking of community, I’d also love to welcome you into the Better Writers Club, a brand new way to meet other writers, make writing a daily habit, and earn points and badges to motivate you—even on those days where you’re dragging your feet. Check it out!)

And then…

3. Actually do it. After you’ve made your Declaration, be sure to actually take that first small step forward. This may seem obvious, but people still miss this part for various reasons. If there is still hesitation on your part, or you find yourself procrastinating or making excuses, you may need to break it down even further and ask yourself, what’s the first, first step?

There’s no more time to waste—it’s action time! Your writing dreams and goals have waited long enough, and I know you’re itching to feel a sense of progress. Now is your time.

So, what’s your intention? Declare it below! Remember to include your 30-day goal, and the very first step toward that goal.


6 thoughts on “3 steps to TAKING ACTION on your writing dreams in 2018

  1. Thanks for giving us a place to share our goals, Tim! I’ve been very lax/fickle/unmotivated with my writing lately (and have been working some very long weeks) so I gave myself a moderate goal for the month: write 5 pages (or 1500 words) of a story that I’ve been working on. The intention was to write about a page a week until the end of the month. I actually motivated myself to sit down for 2 hours here and just finished about 950 words! I’m feeling good about getting the rest of the way to my goal for this month.

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    • I think the community we have is full of awesome people, so the pleasure’s mine. Nicely done – I know how it feels to cram writing in between so many other obligations. Sounds like you’ve got some momentum at least, so keep on keeping on!

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  2. My big goal is to self-publish my first novel this year. I aim to achieve this by doing something writing-related every single day, be it writing, editing, marketing or promotion. Last year I managed a streak of six months from January to July – I’m hoping to beat it this year! Thanks for encouraging us to make our declarations here – now there’s no backing out!


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