Friday Roundup: a pirate ship, an armored dog, and A Crack in the Mirror

Learn more about TimFrom flash fiction to battle-worn pets, here’s what’s been happening in our writing community. All that’s missing is you!

Ashley Reedman made the top 15 in a writing contest! The Rocky Mountain chapter of Mystery Writers of America sponsored a 6-word writing contest, and Ashley placed with her very short story, “Diving goggles found in pirate ship.” Great work! Join us on Facebook and stay up to date on opportunities like this throughout the year. (Our group is called Published Author VIP.)

Sibille Rose is hoping for some feedback for her novel-in-progress, A Crack in the Mirror:

Sibille asks: “I’m not sure that I’m entirely happy with how things went here … I always feel a bit silly writing it. Does this … ending read well?”

Join ChapterBuzz and help Sibille Rose write her novel!

Ruth Virgo created a writing prompt for members of the Better Writers Club to respond to: Years ago your pet vanished without a trace. You assumed the worst, but hoped for the best. This evening they showed up at your door, scarred and battle-worn, wearing battered armor and carrying a note for you. Explain it in under 500 words.

Tiffany S. Doran’s response about a highly ranked officer in the doggie army is spot-on.

Join us in the Better Writers Club and add your own response!


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