You want to write a novel. Now, how do you stick with it?

Learn more about TimI’m going to present a harsh truth: anyone, literally anyone, can say they want to write a novel. It’s not a bold statement by itself, and it takes no courage to say it.

But how do you go from someone who says they’re going to write a novel, to someone who is writing a novel?

Ah, there’s the rub. Writing a book requires patience and persistence, qualities we don’t all have.

And even those who do are sometimes ill-equipped to deal with:

Writer’s block. “The ideas just aren’t coming.” Sometimes you simply have to start writing words—truly any words that come to mind—in order to move forward. Even if what you write doesn’t make sense! But just watch: solid ideas will start to emerge from the primordial soup.

Discouragement. “What I’m writing isn’t very good.” It’s easy to let these thoughts creep in, but understand that even some of the most well-known and widely read authors have had these same concerns. Your mind is well intentioned—it thinks it’s protecting you from hurt—but it’s doing more harm than good. Don’t let your mind derail your dreams.

Uncertainty. “What if I do all this work and no one likes it?” Fear of the flop is perfectly understandable. But this would be a moot point if readers were giving friendly feedback as you wrote your first draft. Why? Because you’d know with certainty which parts they liked, and which parts could use some improvement.

The best way to rise above these “mind obstacles” and power through? Start out with—and stay connected to—a group of people who are like minded, supportive, and have the same goal: to write a novel and share it with the world.

Join us for the 3rd semi-annual ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge, and experience a new, social way to stay motivated.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to mention: we’re handing out awards to authors of promising novels.

You have a dream. It’s time to achieve it!

2 thoughts on “You want to write a novel. Now, how do you stick with it?

  1. Hey Tim!  I got to thinking. You know, even though many people aren’t writing prompts or responding to prompts, I rather enjoy it. I kind of got discouraged for a couple days because they weren’t and that’s when I lost my top author spot but I regained it! But with that being said, I’m going to continue making them and responding to them myself because it frees you from any writers block you have or may run into. With each writing prompt, you’re able to open another area of your mind to come up with anything that relates to that topic. I mean the choices are endless. I wish more people saw it like that. So I hope you don’t get tired of seeing my face in the prompts section. The only time you fail is when you don’t try and you give up. Plus I’ve come up with tons of ideas for stories I wouldn’t have had otherwise if it hadn’t have been for that writing prompt. Oh, by the way,  I used your name in one of my recent responses.   Thanks, Tiffany S. Doran Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    • I agree, it would be great if we had more responses, but I think it will happen. And of course feel free to keep that top author spot…you deserve it for adding so many good prompts. I also like your fun, new pic!


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