Friday round-up: pen names (?), quirky crime thrillers, and a SERIOUSLY productive day

Learn more about TimLots of activity this week in our ChapterBuzz author community! Our writers are truly making it happen each and every day.

Here are just a few highlights:

Award-winning author Kaitlyn Abdou is currently trying to decide whether to use a pen name or not, and your input could help! Do you use a pen name yourself? Check out the Facebook thread & give your thoughts

Shirley Holder Platt is an author who sets her mind to something and achieves it. Recently she write 9,000 words…in a single day. You can enjoy the fruits of her labor by reading Moon Magic: Espy’s Romance. Incidentally, this book has recently broken into the Top 20 at ChapterBuzz, and currently holds the #18 spot! Start reading now

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