The 3 most compelling reasons to quit your day job and write full time

Learn more about TimWhy do so many of us pine to leave the rat race? I’m sure you have your reasons. Maybe the work isn’t fulfilling anymore. Maybe office politics are taking their toll. Or maybe it’s just overload, with kids to raise, work to take home, and nary a vacation day in sight.

Not to mention that being cooped up in an office can really wear on you. And every Monday morning feels like the end of the world. The list goes on.

But take heart! An alternative awaits for writers like you.

With the amazing strides self-publishing has taken in recent years, being a writer whose sole job is to write books and publish them on Amazon is completely within the realm of reality. No longer reserved for the literary elite, this lifestyle of freedom and creativity is open to anyone with a laptop, a story idea, and the determination to make it happen.

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the next world-famous indie author with a movie deal, even though it could.

It doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly be rolling in dough and sipping champagne on a yacht in Tahiti, even though it could.

What it does mean is much more down to earth.

It means that how you spend your days, how you think about your future, and how you decide to enjoy your life is now under your control.

Why? Behold the 3 most compelling reasons to quit your day job and become a full-time writer:

1. Do it anywhere. Freedom of location is perhaps the biggest perk of the self-employed author. Let the words flow out while sitting in the park on a sunny day, tap away on your laptop keys in the cozy comfort of a coffee shop, or hang out in that awesome spot in your backyard, right next to the fountain you had installed years ago but never get a chance to enjoy.

2. You are your own boss. No one is tapping their watch when you arrive 5 minutes late. No one is requiring you to work overtime or come in on Saturday. No one’s scheduling meetings over lunch without any warning. Now, you have the friendliest, most understanding boss of all—yourself!

3. More time to do what you love. Imagine, for a moment, that your schedule is your own. How would you spend your day? Perhaps you’d love to spend more time with your family, or take more frequent vacations to exotic locales. The rest of the time, of course, you could spend writing—or taking a stroll through the woods to comtemplate your next plot twist.

Remember, you’re a writer! You have an amazing talent that makes all of this possible. Instead of spending your days under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, working hard on someone else’s goals, start now investing that time and energy into building your author empire.

Here’s an exciting thought: by this time next year, you could have a published book on Amazon, and already be working on the next.

Once you have that first book under your belt, it only gets easier from there.

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