Here is “Step 1” for writing a novel

Learn more about TimI know you can see it in your mind: a published book with your name on the cover. Readers crowding in to be a part of your book signing event.

But right now, that novel is just a bunch of ideas bouncing around in your head.

So how do you get from here…to there?

Start with your Daily Action Calendar, which is available to you when you join our online writing group, the (brand new) Better Writers Club!

Think of your Daily Action Calendar as a straight line from where you are now to the virtual shelves of Amazon, and even your local bookstore.

Every day, your Calendar gives you one simple action you can take to move forward on your novel. No more wondering what you’re supposed to be doing and when, while feeling more and more overwhelmed and then losing motivation altogether.

As time goes on, and you get more self-assured and prolific in your writing, you may just find yourself with a little extra time to help some of the other writers with their novels. Your writing skill will be invaluable here.

Ready to do this? Here’s the deal…

The deadline to register is July 15, or until all spots are filled, whichever comes first. After that, I’ll put your name on the waiting list for the next time I offer this (maybe early next year?)

But if you’re serious about getting started, now’s the time.

After all, when writing a novel, you gotta start somewhere, so here’s “Step 1”: