The Ghost of Writing Future has come to show you what lies ahead

Learn more about Tim“As a mainstay at the top of the Amazon bestseller list, our keynote speaker today needs no introduction…”

You clear your throat and stand up. As you walk toward the podium, you can’t help but smile remembering the first time you ever did this. You were so nervous. You brought pages and pages of notes with you, and had spent the day fretting over every last detail of the speech you were about to give.

But today, years later, you’ve got it down to a science—addressing up-and-coming writers at conferences like this one is now the best part of your career as a full-time writer, because as a bestseller yourself, you’re in a great position to help people launch their own careers.

As you step up onto the stage, you hear the tail end of your intro: “…so put your hands together for the person you all came to see!”

Believe it or not, a day like this may not be too far off.

But first, you’ve got to write your book, and publish it to Amazon. Where to start?

I think of writing a book like an exercise regimen or weight loss program. You commit to a goal, you come up with a plan, you have things you need to do each day in order to achieve your goal. You make certain sacrifices (but in the case of writing a book, c’mon, is stealing away to your writing nook for a couple hours each day really that much of a sacrifice?) And by doing all of this, you make it happen.

As far as getting your book into print and published for all the world to read, this is actually a snap, believe it or not. I teach the “path of least resistance”—the easiest way forward—so that in 90 days you’ll have the end result you’ve been dreaming of for a long time: a gorgeous book, with your name on the cover, in print and ready for readers to devour, both on Amazon and at your local bookstore.

A book that reflects the professionalism of your burgeoning writing career.

This is what we’re all working on and helping each other out with in the Better Writers Club. Your journey begins today when you join us!

But check this out…

I’ll come up with your entire writing and publishing plan for you, and show you exactly how long it will take until you’re published, so that you can think less about the little details and just focus on the writing. Just stop by and answer a few questions, and I’ll send your personalized novel-writing program straight to your e-mail inbox.

It’s free to get started!

Oh, and hurry, because registration ends July 15.

I’m Timothy Pike, self-publishing and productivity coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and the real shelves of your local bookstore. It’s all part of the Better Writers Club!