A new literary magazine (and cover reveal) coming in September!

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In September, I’m launching a brand-new, online literary magazine that will feature some of the most dedicated and involved writers in our community here.

Subscribe now (it’s free) and you’ll be the first to receive the inaugural issue when it comes out in September.

I’ll be shining the spotlight on writers of all experience levels, and I’d love to include you, too. Some are first-time novelists who may have been hesitant to step outside their comfort zones, but did so anyway, and absolutely rocked it. Others are experienced writers with several books under their belts.

Still others haven’t even written novels—they’re just motivated writers who are involved with our community.

As you read about other authors—and they read about you—you’ll have the inside scoop that your friends, your book club, and your writing group will be eager to hear about.

The name of the magazine (and the very first cover author) will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Subscribe for free here and you’ll have front-row seats to the big reveal!