It’s amazing how quickly this writer got a publishing contract

Learn more about TimFor weeks, I’ve been teasing the launch of a new literary magazine that will help shine the spotlight on talented members of our author community. I told you I’d be revealing the name of the magazine soon, along with the identity of the first featured author.

And now that day is at hand. Names have been chosen!

It’s called Books & Buzz Magazine, and the author who’s been selected to grace the very first cover is our very own Dacia M. Arnold.

Dacia’s first full-length novel, Apparent Power, is already an award-winning book ahead of its planned release date in December. But even more amazing is that no sooner did she finish writing Apparent Power than it was snapped up by her publisher—a publishing house that clearly recognizes a good story when they see it.

I’m excited to feature Dacia in the first issue of Books & Buzz and introduce you to a talented author who has been working day and night to make her ideal writing life a reality. It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but then again, Dacia’s no shrinking violet when it comes to achieving her life goals.

Find out more about Dacia—and how she got a publishing contract so quickly—when you subscribe (for free) to Books & Buzz Magazine.

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