Ready to brave this 10,000-word writing challenge?

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October 1st marks the return of the ChapterBuzz 10K Novel Writing Challenge—and this time around, it means business.

Just like last time, your goal is to write 10,000 words. Whether your novel is half finished, just an outline, or doesn’t exist yet in any form, you’ll end the month having made at least 10,000 words’ worth of progress.

That is, if you don’t get eliminated along the way.

Because this time, you’ll be responsible for meeting 4 deadlines during the month, of 2,500 words each.

Make each deadline, and you’re safe. Miss one, and you risk being eliminated from the Challenge.

It’s a new type of Challenge, and it’s designed to get results. You can work with a Team (while writing your own novel), in order to support each other and help each other out in pursuit of your goals.

Up for the Challenge? Learn more here

Why work with a Team? This way, you can hold each other accountable for meeting each writing deadline, provide feedback on each other’s stories, and work together to become the #1 Top Team in the 10K Challenge. Each writer on the winning Team will be awarded bonus Fame Points (to get more visibility for your book) and a mention in Books & Buzz Magazine.

Again, each Team Member will be working on his or her own novel.

And just like before, individual awards will also be given to 3 novels-in-progress to recognize excellence in writing and how well your emerging story resonated with readers.

You can also work alone during the Challenge if you prefer, but…let’s be honest, that’s not as much fun!

Today, think of a few writers you’d like to invite to be on your Team, and tell them to check out this Challenge page!

What do you think?

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