It’s here! Dacia M Arnold’s award-winning dystopian thriller has hit shelves

Dacia M Arnold - Apparent Power

If you’ve been following award-winning author Dacia M Arnold on ChapterBuzz for as long as we have, you are already well aware of her DiaZem series.

And hearing about her latest book deal will come as no surprise, either.

After all, Dacia’s career is blasting off. She rocked our 10K Writing Challenge not once but twice, taking home awards both times. She’s signed with a publisher. She’s even been on the cover of a magazine—our very first issue of Books & Buzz Magazine.

Well, guess what? Book 1 in the DiaZem series, Apparent Power, has just been released! It’s waiting for you—but fair warning: it will pull you right in and you’ll lose all track of time.

The plot of Apparent Power is tantalizingly simple, and starts with a question:

How does a mother make an impossible choice?

A dormant gene awakens.
A mother is separated from her son.
A rising world government seeks genetic purification.

As Valerie Russell evades the totalitarian regime, she is also faced with a moral choice: risk failure and attempt to save the masses or run and preserve only the lives of her family.

Dacia M ArnoldHooo boy. If you liked the Divergent series from Veronica Roth, you’re gonna want to dive right in on the Diazem series.

The first reviews are in, and so far, so (really) good!

“… the author’s near-breakneck pace is exhilarating… A commendable sci-fi series launch spearheaded by a remarkable heroine.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“This book beautifully explored the lines between healthy and toxic relationships… Since Valerie is the daughter of a soldier and a nurse herself, Dacia did a beautiful job taking me (a civilian and non-medical professional) into their worlds.”
-Rachel Huffmire, author of Shattered Snow

Apparent Power is published by Immortal Works and is now available on Amazon, in print and for Kindle. Please support Dacia by purchasing your copy of her debut novel today!

Get it here

Then, stay in the loop! Be sure to become her Fan on ChapterBuzz and connect with her on her website.

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