Conquer this writing challenge…with your friends!

Learn more about TimLike clockwork, the 10K Novel Writing Challenge happens every March and October. Writers from all over the globe set aside the entire month to focus on writing 10,000 words for a great head start on their novels.

That’s not news.

But this is: this March, you’ll now be able to get a few friends together and have a friendly competition as you write!

Conquering the 10K together is a great way to stay motivated to finish the Writing Challenge. Knowing that you could get left in the dust if you slack off will keep each of you laser-focused on your goal of writing 10,000 words in one month.

Of course, the Challenge still comes with all the usual perks, like:

  • Getting feedback on your manuscript so you can fine-tune your story early on
  • Having your profile featured to other ChapterBuzz members to start building your readership
  • You can win an award (and become an award-winning writer) by month’s end

…and of course, the biggest perk of all: showing off your writing chops to your friends (as you enjoy each other’s unfolding stories).

Get ready for March! Learn more about the 10K Challenge