Authors of the Week: Amara Blackstone and Marian Wood

Right now, we’re in the thick of the 10K Novel Writing Challenge over at ChapterBuzz, and I’ll have to say, some really great novels are taking shape this month.

But this week, two authors really stand out.

Amara Blackstone is working on a novel called Love VIA SMS. Here’s a summary:

The chemistry between them is undeniable, but can they keep their relationship a secret? A chance meeting piques William’s interest in a much younger female colleague, Eva. Years later, they meet again: William’s eyes meet hers and now she knows there is more between them, but she’s always known. Distance, age, and secrets keep them apart, yet they find their way back together, only to be torn apart yet again. Is this soul connection enough to sustain a lasting relationship?

Marian Wood‘s work-in-progress, The Secret Time Warp, is promising a science fiction novel. Here’s the premise:

People have gone missing and the police don’t know what’s happening. I walk to the end of the field and time changes—suddenly I am looking at Woolworths. A young girl reaches out her hand to me, her face is familiar…

Check out these novels and be a part of each author’s journey to publication!

Love via SMS by Amara Blackstone
The Secret Time Warp by Marian Wood

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