It’s time to get your writing career off the ground! With some help, of course

Learn more about TimAs award-winning author Shirley Holder Platt sat down to reflect on what she’s achieved as a writer since she left the corporate rat race a few years ago, she realized she’s learned quite a bit along the way.

“Being an indie author doesn’t mean you go it alone,” Shirley states in her most recent article in Books & Buzz Magazine. “There are lots of people involved if you do it the right way.”

As a six-time published author, Shirley knows what she’s talking about. “There is the community at ChapterBuzz,” she says, as a prime example of the power of making connections with like-minded people online. “You can find a world of helpful advice from these folks.”

Indeed, Shirley is one of our most popular authors on ChapterBuzz, along with our #1 Author of the Week, Jenny Young, author of They Call Me Nothing. Jenny has also written a children’s story, and in addition to novels, enjoys writing short stories.

Once you join us, you’ll find Shirley, Jenny, and plenty of other writers who are eager to make connections and help you out in your journey to published author. It’s truly a community of writers and readers who want to see you succeed.

Ready to get going on your novel?

Perfect timing! The 10K Novel-Building Challenge starts October 1st. Dedicate the month of October to getting your writing career off the ground—and make some new friends while you’re at it.

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