October is all about you…writing the perfect novel!

Learn more about Tim“If I write a novel, will people like it?”

“Will it sell?”

“How do I even get started?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then congratulations. You’re normal!

Publishing your first novel is a huge achievement, and even though writing it can be so much fun, I’ve spoken with many new writers who have questions like this (or even doubts) about getting started, and what to expect along the way.

That’s why I created the 10K Novel-Building Challenge, which starts October 1st.

Instead of working in total solitude, pouring your heart and soul into your book month after month, then emerging a year later wondering, By the way, what will my readers think?, now you can find out what they think in real time!

It’s like having beta readers at your beck and call.

With the feedback you get during the month of October, you’ll find out what’s working well, what could be tweaked, and what’s not quite landing with your readers.

This way, you can write the rest of your book with the confidence that comes from knowing your readers are already enjoying it.

The “10K” is a powerful way to supercharge your writing efforts. But don’t just take my word for it…

Award-winning author Liberty Henwick

“I am convinced that this month will absolutely stand out as one of the high points of this year for me.”

Liberty Henwick, past Challenge winner

The first week of October, you’ll write 10,000 words in a breathless sprint of 1,500 words a day. Once you have those words down, the rest of the month is for revising what you have, getting feedback, reading other writers’ stories, and writing more chapters of your own.

Connect with other writers, from total beginners to experienced, published authors who are full of great advice and feedback. In addition, you can easily invite people you know and trust—whether they’re writers or not—to stop by and give their input, too.

It’s a quicker and easier way to write a quality novel.

So get your laptop tuned up and ready to go, and enter the Challenge now. Writing starts in T-minus 20 days!