…and they’re off! Thousands of words are being written as we speak

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It kicked off yesterday!

Participants in the 10K Novel-Building Challenge sprinted off the starting line yesterday in a mad dash to write 10,000 words in the first week of October.

And the word counts are pouring in:

Author Steven SmithTier IV Newcomer Author Steven Smith wrote 2,306 words yesterday for his novel, Assassinato Selva: (Murder Jungle).

Bio: UK Self-published author of on-going ‘Dragon’s Reclaim’ series. Detective Thriller Edgehaven is my latest self-published work. Check out his page

Author Cynthia A. JensenTier II Rising Star Author Cynthia A. Jensen wrote 1,550 words yesterday for her work-in-progress, Starrbodies.

Bio: If I could just get past the first page, i think I might actually become an author! Check it out

Author Barry B. WrightTier III Rising Star Author Barry B. Wright has written over 2,000 words since yesterday for his novel-in-progress, Sunnyvale.

Barry is the author of several mystery, thriller, and literary fiction novels on ChapterBuzz. Check them out

Writers, it’s only Day 2 of the Challenge, care to join us?

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