2020 is the year you write that novel

Photo of two people looking at a laptop screen while one takes notesLife has a way of messing with our plans to sit down and write, doesn’t it?

When it comes to writing your novel, you’ve got grand plans and great ideas—and you feel so…ready.

But whenever you get a chunk of time to yourself, something always comes up! You have to work late. A child gets the flu and you have to go to the doctor. Or you’re invited to a dinner party you don’t want to miss.

It’s time to turn the tables.

Now, instead of “Life is in control of me,” it’s “I am in control of my life.”

A subtle shift, but powerful, because it can change everything instantly.

How? It opens up your mind to all the ways you can stay in control. “Life is in control of me” is the end of a thought process, but “I am in control of my life” is just the beginning.

Because your next thought might be, Since I’m in control of life—and not the other way around—how can I make sure I finish my novel?

See? Now the wheels in your mind are turning.

When it comes to writing your novel, try this: simply put your big dream front and center, and tell life to deal with it. Now it’s you who’s in control.

To take it a step further, and really show life who’s in charge, make writing your #1 priority.

You can do this by enrolling in the Novel Writer Boot Camp.

Alicia Dean, editor & writing coachI’ve teamed up with editor and writing coach Alicia Dean to offer this year-long program to take you from “I want to write a novel” to “Woo-hoo! I’m the author of a novel!”

You’ll get one-on-one attention from Alicia. You’ll get expert feedback to help you shape and polish your story. You’ll get reminder e-mails (with a healthy dose of cheerleading) to keep you on track throughout the Boot Camp.

You’ll be able to compete in not just one, but two of our 10K Novel-Building Challenges (in March and October), where you’ll add 10,000 words to your novel, get valuable feedback from readers and your fellow writers, and possibly win an award for your work.

Imagine how your novel could improve in leaps and bounds, between Alicia’s professional opinions and all the feedback you get from your fellow writers on ChapterBuzz this coming year as you continue to add chapters and flesh out scenes.

Alicia will guide you through all the tough areas of writing a novel:

  • character development
  • dialogue
  • plot pacing
  • story structure
  • grammar

…along with any other aspects of your novel you’d like to focus on.

Your goals are up to you, so push yourself, but make sure they feel achievable. You can go for 1,000 words a week or 100 words a day—whatever you think you can handle.

Alicia will help you lay out a writing plan that feels doable—and then hold you to it!

So if you’re ready to show life who’s in charge…

…then this is your chance to conquer the distractions once and for all, write a novel that impresses, and become a pro at getting your ideas down on paper.

From the very start of the Novel Writer Boot Camp, you’ll be crafting a novel that readers can really enjoy. With Alicia, you’re in good hands.

Hurry! Boot Camp starts soon. Learn more & reserve your spot