Your novel could be our big winner! It’s the Book of the Year Award 2020

Learn more about TimHow’s your novel coming along? Or have you already published it?

Either way, this is exciting: your book could win the 2020 Book of the Year Award at ChapterBuzz!

This year, get your name and writing in front of thousands of readers, get expert reviews for your book, and take home the biggest (and most distinguished) award we’ve ever given: Book of the Year.

And of course, give your author career a huge jump start!

As our big winner, you’ll receive a prize package worth over $700:

  • Your smiling face on the cover of our own Books & Buzz Magazine
  • A feature e-zine article about you
  • Promotion for your book in the #1 spot in our Holiday Book-Giving Guide later this year
  • 5,000 ChapterBucks (credits that can be used to help publish your next book)
  • A free, Platinum VIP–level membership to ChapterBuzz for an entire year

Get all the details here. It’s free to enter!

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Happy writing, reading…& winning,