Say goodbye to Writer’s Market…and hello to your dream!

Learn more about TimWhat’s great about self-publishing is that nowadays, you can write a novel and it can be on a reader’s Kindle within days—instead of the years it might have taken to hit bookstores a couple of decades ago.

Back in the day, you see, it wasn’t enough to write a great novel.

First you had to go out and buy the latest copy of Writer’s Market—that overgrown tome of publishing contacts that made War and Peace look like a theater pamphlet—haul it home on the back of a flatbed truck, and then take great care about where you set it down because it could collapse your kitchen table.

Then, after you pored over hundreds of listings, you had to draft query letters for every single agent or publisher you planned to submit your novel to. And then wait weeks or even months before hearing back. If you did at all.

To make matters worse, rejection letters were seen as badges of honor—I mean, it seemed you weren’t worth your salt if you didn’t have dozens of them piled up on your writing desk.

And if you were fortunate enough to secure an agent, and that agent was then able to sell your manuscript to a publisher, it could be a year or two before you’d see it on shelves.

Thankfully, times have changed.

Today, all you need to do is focus on writing a good story. Once your story has a tight plot with believable characters, and a brisk pace that keeps readers turning the pages, you’re just about there.

At that point, a good editing run-through will clean up any grammar mistakes or typos—and your masterpiece is ready to be published.

To help you with this, check out the 3-Month Novel Writer Boot Camp. For the next 3 months, you’ll get professional guidance and feedback from an experienced editor and writing coach who will help you set up deadlines and motivate you to keep them.

Since the Boot Camp is offered through ChapterBuzz, you can also create your own Feedback Circle to discuss your work with other writers in our community.

The people you meet along the way could turn into professional contacts or even personal friends, which means you have a lot to gain.

Now’s the time to start! New year, new you, am I right?

This is your dream, to write a novel. Every minute of your time spent pursuing this dream is for the greater good—the life you’ve dreamed of—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As long as you make writing your priority this year, grab every chance you get to learn more about your craft, and stop at nothing to finish the first draft of your novel, failure is impossible.

Start writing today, and say hello to your published dream novel!

Learn more about TimTimothy Pike is an editor and self-publishing specialist who loves helping writers get their books into print. He is the creator of the writing community ChapterBuzz, and has recently teamed up with editor and writing coach Alicia Dean to offer the 3-Month Novel Writer Boot Camp.