Book lovers, join us for this “all-you-can-read buffet”

Photo of a person browsing through a book at a bookstoreBook lovers, eat your heart out.

This September, you’re cordially invited to attend our September Book Reading Party at ChapterBuzz, where you’ll be able to read all of the books entered into our first-ever Book of the Year Competition, and help us choose a winner!

It runs all month long, so you can read at your leisure. After all, isn’t that what reading is all about?

ChapterBuzz is our community of authors who are steadily building their readerships, and readers who want to discover new authors and enjoy their stories.

This September, our talented writers are making their books available for you to read, for free. The Reading Party is also an open invitation to show support for your favorite author by purchasing a copy of his or her book on Amazon (or even a handful of copies—it’ll be holiday gift-giving time, after all!)

Your role this September is vital: read our books, “Buzz” our chapters, and share our work with your friends. By doing this, you’ll be helping us choose the first-ever Book of the Year.

RSVP now for our September Book Reading Party!

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