This month, fall in love with writing again

Learn more about TimIt’s time to light that spark again…your love for writing!

Even though you know you can write a novel, something might be holding you back.

Maybe you’ve started, but things just aren’t clicking into place.

Maybe you tried buckling down but you had trouble focusing…

…or you’re not sure how to fit your ideas together and organize them into a story…

…or you don’t feel confident enough in your writing skills.

Have these doubts been holding you back for too long?

Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us. Having doubts is perfectly normal, but they don’t have to prevent you from starting (or finishing!) that novel.

Here’s your chance to conquer them once and for all!

The Novel Writer Boot Camp is a powerful way to wipe out any doubt or fear and just get it done.

Go from “I want to write a novel” to “Woo-hoo! I just finished writing a novel!”

Photo of a woman on a balcony, overlooking a city, with her arms outstretched

In the Novel Writer Boot Camp, you’ll work one-on-one with a professional editor who knows exactly what makes a good novel.

Your editor is also a writing coach who knows how to inspire you to action, day in and day out.

The Boot Camp challenges you to break out of your comfort zone, pushes you to achieve your goals, and rewards you for your efforts.

Enroll for one month, 3 months, or more…your choice!

Alicia Dean, editor & writing coachDuring this flexible, self-paced writing adventure, you’ll get expert guidance—and motivation—from editor and writing coach Alicia Dean, who will help you create and fine tune the incredible novel you’ve always wanted to write.

Best of all, you can work from home, or wherever you happen to be.

Alicia will guide you through all the tricky—but crucial—areas of writing a novel:

  • Character development
  • Dialogue
  • Plot pacing
  • Story arc & structure
  • Grammar

…along with any other aspects of your novel you’d like to focus on.

This is your dream we’re talking about

Photo of a woman sitting at a table outdoors, writing with a pen

You love to write, you’ve got some good ideas, and you’re certain you can turn them into an excellent novel.

The best feeling in the world is when all the pieces start to fall perfectly into place, and you can feel your story taking shape.

So here’s your chance to fall in love with writing again!

The Novel Writer Boot Camp is a jump start and a huge boost for your most ambitious writing goal: finishing your novel.

Just think…

It won’t be long before you’re putting the finishing touches on your very first novel, getting ready to show it off to family and friends!

It’s still early in the year, so now is the perfect time to start. Learn more & reserve your spot now!