There are a lot of things you can do in March, but this one can jump-start your writing career

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Curl up with your favorite hot beverage this coming month and write your heart out.

by Timothy Pike

You’ve been hearing about it, now make sure you’re officially registered for it: The 10K Novel-Building Challenge starts March 1st at ChapterBuzz!

Your mission: write 10,000 words…and that’s just the first week.

During the month, you’ll also meet other writers, connect with readers, get feedback on your work, and fine-tune your novel until it’s just the way you want it.

What you’ll end up with is a solid foundation for an outstanding novel that you know readers are already enjoying.

After just one month, you’ll have taken a major step toward becoming a published author.

You can start from a blank page or bring along your outline, character sketches, even words already written. As long as you write 10,000 new words during the Challenge, you’ll be eligible to win an award.

That’s right, we’re giving out three awards, and you could win one for your work-in-progress! Will March 2020 go down in history as the month you became an award-winning writer?

Let’s find out! I’m excited to see your novel take shape next month. Are you?

Starts soon, so hurry! Enter the Challenge now