Writing 10 words a day keeps the “give-ups” away

Learn more about TimWriting a novel can be an exercise in patience, as you may already know.

But the danger when writing a novel is that if you lose momentum, you’ll put your story on the back burner—or worse, stop writing altogether.

That’s why I created the 20-Year Novel Club.

Your goal, as a member of the Club, is to write 10 words a day. Yes, just 10!

Some days you’ll write more, of course, but as long as you write 10 words, you can feel great that you’ve done something to make progress.

Do you ever have days where you feel overwhelmed? Or you can’t seem to get inspired?

Don’t let these feelings destroy all the good habits you’ve worked so hard to form!

This is where the 20-Year Novel Club can help.

When you’re part of the Club, each morning when you open your laptop to write, one of three scenarios will play out:

1. Best-case scenario.

You’ll sit down to write and the words will flow out onto the screen from under your tip-tapping fingertips. Awesome! You’re on a roll!

2. Next best–case scenario.

You don’t have a whole lot to add to your story today. 10 words is about the best you can do. Maybe you looked back through a paragraph and added ten words to it—an extra adjective over here, a more fitting verb over there. Even if you simply rewrite an existing 10-word sentence, that still counts!


3. It’s not happening.

If you are just not feeling it today, that’s okay! You still showed up, you still tried to write. That’s what’s important, that you did something. Even if those 10 words are “I am not feeling inspired enough to write much today,” that’s okay.

Each of these scenarios is perfectly fine. Remember: the whole point is to show up.

If you can do that, you will be successful in the 20-Year Novel Club.


All that’s left is for you to join us!