How long does it take to write a novel? For Michael Crichton, 20 years

Have you ever read Sphere by Michael Crichton? Pretty good book, huh?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that it took him 20 years to write it, though. I didn’t either until I read this article about books that took a long time to write. Here’s what I found out:

…it is his novel Sphere that took the longest to complete. According to Crichton, after he started the novel and wrote a part of it, he couldn’t come up with a good ending, so he stopped writing. Twenty years later he resumed his writing and completed it in only two months.

In the same article, I learned that depending on how you measure it, it took J.R.R. Tolkien up to 17 years to see The Lord of the Rings through to publication. Talk about persistence!

Of course, you’d like to finish yours sooner than two decades from now. Probably much sooner.

So why would I invite you to join a writing group called the 20-Year Novel Club, and encourage you to only write 10 words a day?

It’s—shhh!—a trick of the mind.

You see, when you wake up each day knowing that all you need to do is write 10 words, you’re much more motivated to do it.

Of course, it’s just 10 words, but what happens next is powerful: once you take that small step forward, your mind, feeling perked up, will say, You know what? Let’s do a little more.

A little more turns into a little more, and pretty soon you’re racing past 100…1,000…and still going strong!

Other days, not so much. 10 words will be about all you can do. And that’s okay.

As long as you showed up, sat down, and made the attempt to write, you can feel great about what you accomplished. Even if your grand total for the day was just 10 words.

Join us in the 20-Year Novel Club, and say goodbye to self-defeating pressure, writer’s block, and discouragement—and say hello to making a daily habit of writing, connecting with other writers, and seeing progress on your novel every single day!

We’re kicking things off this Monday, so join the 20-Year Novel Club now while the joinin’s good!