Writer’s block? It may just be worry

Learn more about TimThe 20-Year Novel Club is about much more than just making progress on your novel every day.

It’s also about sharing things we’ve learned about life & writing with each other.

Award-winning author Shirley Holder PlattToday’s quote comes from one of our top writers, Tier V Rising Star Author Shirley Holder Platt, award-winning author of Mama Needs New Shoes and Moon Dance:

“I thought I had writer’s block, but I was simply worried that I had nothing to say. When I put my work out there, I was surprised when people liked it.”

—Shirley Holder Platt

What’s something you’ve learned or realized along the way? Join the Club and share! Learning from each other helps all of us.

As a member of the 20-Year Novel Club, you can also:

  • Make steady progress on your novel every single day
  • Get more exposure for your novel
  • Meet motivated writers who will push you to write more
  • Discuss topics related to life & writing
  • Publish that book as soon as it’s done!

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