Sharing your writing with the world…do you dare?

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I thought I had writer’s block, but I was simply worried that I had nothing to say. When I put my work out there, I was surprised when people liked it.
—Author Shirley Holder Platt

Ever get a little nervous wondering what people will think of your novel? Many of us do.

At first, it can be a scary prospect.

But eventually, your idea will see the light of day, your novel will be out there for all to read.

And you’ll realize you had nothing to be worried about all along.

The best way to do it? Just do it! Here’s a great way to start: join us in the 20-Year Novel Club, where we’re posting our chapters, giving each other feedback, and sharing our writing knowledge.

It’s an easy way to connect with other writers and get motivated to write every day.

Come on in, the water’s fine!