Sunday Wrap-Up: the hardest part of getting started, a new Rising Star Author, and an incredible word count

Learn more about TimEvery week is a whirlwind of activity in the ChapterBuzz writing community, and here are some of the milestones we’ve reached.

The biggest news is that the 10K Novel-Writing Challenge is now pre-registering! Your challenge: write 10,000 words in 10 days, starting October 1st.

Add your name to the Priority List now—it’s free—and I’ll let you know the minute you can officially sign up.

Quote of the Week

“The hardest part is choosing which word to start with. After that, the rest is easy.”
Mel Hankins, Tier II Rising Star Author

Got some words of wisdom for writers? Join the 20-Year Novel Club and share them with us.

A thriller novel on the way

Barry B. Wright‘s historical fiction thriller novel, Angel Maker, is in the final editing and proofreading stages before it’s released as a published book.

Barry has been working hard on this novel for quite some time. Become his Fan on ChapterBuzz and be the first to know when Angel Maker goes to press!

Soaring to new heights

Jo Hawk, Tier II Rising Star Author, has written a staggering 22,059 words since joining the 20-Year Novel Club just a few months ago.

This represents 89 days’ worth of word count totals, where at one point, Jo had recorded 58 consecutive days of word counts. Great work, Jo!

What’s striking about Jo’s progress of over 22,000 words is that she didn’t sit down and write thousands of words every day. Each day’s average was about 250 words, but after several months, it just…added up. The 20-Year Novel Club is all about doing a little each day so you can make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Stop by and read her award-winning work-in-progress, Flash Fiction Collection.

A big welcome to the Club

Dariush Ahmadzadeh RezvaniThe 20-Year Novel Club has 3 new members! Leah Lindeman, Karen Peltier, and Dariush Ahmadzadeh Rezvani have all recently joined the Club.

Want to be in the 20-Year Novel Club? As a member of the Club, all you need to do is write 10 words a day.

Moving up in the world

Finally, Mel Hankins has earned a new badge. It’s the Rising Star Author badge, awarded for reaching the next rung on our Ladder of Fame. Congrats!

You’re invited

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