How to handle criticism of your writing: 3 time-honored tips

Learn more about TimOne of the biggest benefits of the 10K Novel-Writing Challenge is the feedback you can get on your chapters when you share them with our community.

But even though you know how much the feedback helps, it might still seem a little bit scary.

No longer!

This is because author Liberty Henwick, an award winner in our first-ever 10K Challenge, has some excellent advice.

Here are 3 time-honored tips on how to handle criticism of your work:

  1. Have a thick skin and be willing to listen to the suggestions your readers make with an open mind, so that they feel at liberty to be completely honest. You don’t want them to hide the painful truths!
  2. Don’t take criticism personally, it’s not you but your writing that is being critiqued. It’s not unlikely that your work will need improvement—it will hardly ever be perfect the first time.
  3. You don’t have to take all advice on board. Sometimes you can stand by what you write if you feel strongly that there’s a good enough reason for it.

Of course, it’s always nice when you return the favor, and Liberty has some advice on how to give feedback, as well:

  • Highlight any confusing passages and language that doesn’t make sense.
  • Point out sections that are boring.
  • Write down questions you have about the story so far that you’d like to see answered before the ending.

Over the years, many writers have told me how much Liberty’s advice has helped.

Now it can help you, but please…pass it on!

And be sure to join us in the 10K Novel-Writing Challenge, starting October 1st.