Amazing Tip #1: getting people to read your novel

Learn more about TimAs we prepare for the 10K Novel-Writing Challenge, where your goal is to write 10,000 words in 10 days, I’d like to give you my 5 Amazing Tips for getting people to read your novel.

You see, a big part of the 10K Challenge is reading other writers’ chapters and giving your feedback and input…while getting feedback from others as well!

It’s a powerful way to improve your manuscript in leaps and bounds as you lay the foundation for the rest of your novel—and by the way, you’re invited to join us.

So what’s the best way to get people to read and give feedback? Feast your eyes on Amazing Tip #1 (out of 5):

Amazing Tip #1: Comment as much as possible on other writers’ chapters

This may seem obvious, but when you comment on other writers’ chapters, you’ll find that most writers will return the favor. This is how you start great discussions—and also make connections that could last a lifetime!

To give feedback to another writer, simply scroll down to the bottom of any one of their chapters, and add your comment.

(If you don’t see an area for commenting, it could be because that writer is only accepting feedback from members of their Feedback Circle. In this case, go ahead and add the writer to your Feedback Circle. There’s a good chance they’ll add you to theirs, too!)

So that’s it for Amazing Tip #1! I like to keep things simple.

Stay tuned for Amazing Tip #2!

And be sure to join us for the 10K Novel-Writing Challenge—which starts October 1st—and get that novel written while you build your Fan base, get helpful feedback on your chapters, and network with your fellow writers.