The Sunday Wrap-Up: new Top 20 book, how to avoid “head hopping,” and a writing challenge for you!

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Things are heating up this week as we prepare for the 10K Novel-Writing Challenge. Are you joining us? Sign up here!

Here are this week’s highlights:

Our Author of the Week is Mel Hankins, who’s hard at work on her fantasy novel, Belonging to the Alpha. Stop by to read, Buzz, and give your feedback!

10 days till the 10K!

The 10K Novel-Writing Challenge starts in just 10 days. It’s your chance to buckle down and write 10,000 words, whether you’re just starting your novel or already halfway done.

Award-winning author Tiffany S. Doran, Michele L. Medlyn, and L. Dodier are all going to be there. Are you? You can still register, but hurry!

A new book hits the Top 20

There’s a new book in the ChapterBuzz Top 20! Belonging to the Alpha (read it here) by Mel Hankins is now #18. Great work, Mel! Check out the ChapterBuzz Top 20 Chart

And congrats to Shirley Holder Platt, whose chick lit novel, The Kiss (read it here), hit #2 on the trending chart this past week.

What should your character do next?

Tier III Newcomer Author Kenneth Lawson reveals the method he uses to figure out how his scenes unfold and what his characters will do next. His advice is especially useful for all you “pantsers” out there!

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Quote of the Week

I’ve learned that “author omniscient” is not always the best point of view because it can lead to “head hopping,” which can be confusing to the reader. Pick one POV and stick with it, and if you need to switch, use a change in scene to indicate the switch.

L.K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.), Tier IV Rising Star Author

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