Have you always wanted to write a novel? Here’s where to start

Learn more about TimWant to start your first novel off with a bang?

I don’t mean a literal gunshot, although that would be an attention-grabbing first sentence.

I’m talking more about your writing journey as you set about penning your very first novel!

See, the best thing you can do in the very beginning is to get people reading.

This encourages you to keep writing, improves confidence, and lets you know you’re on the right track.

Getting started is half the battle, especially for first timers.

That’s why beginners are welcome in the semi-annual 10K Novel-Writing Challenge—a race to write 10,000 words in the first 10 days of October.

Just think: you could have several chapters written by October 10!

Even better, hooking up with a group of talented writers who can read and discuss your story—while you write—gives it a much better chance of selling well once it’s published.

You won’t have to wonder and fret over whether it’s worth the effort—you know it is.

The 10K Challenge is the way to get the ball rolling.

Author Cynthia A. Jensen wasn’t sure at first:

“I thought to myself that if I committed to this Challenge, I’d force myself to finish my book. I was so nervous just looking at the blank document. Then the first line came to me, and I was off!

As I wrote, I could see scenes in my head and I typed them up. I was really doing it! I was writing!”

This chapter-by-chapter approach has worked for many first-time novelists—and it can work for you. Join us in the Challenge—but hurry!