Since when is it OK to read Book 2 before Book 1???

Learn more about TimI have a confession to make.

Back in the TV days of yore (you know, 5 years ago), I decided to binge watch Breaking Bad, and somehow I ended up watching the entire second season before I even laid eyes on the first.

I know, I know. Cardinal sin, right?

Maybe, but when I went back to watch the first season, it was almost like watching a prequel—it was fascinating to see the events in Season 1 unfold and lead to what I already knew would happen in Season 2. It still kept me guessing, so not all was lost!

What about books? Is there an unwritten rule, like the owner of this bumper sticker believes? Let’s hear your take in the comments!

Bumper sticker: "I MUST read books in chronological order"

What do you think?

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