Want to be a guest blogger? Your article is welcome!

Learn more about TimAs we get ready for First Chapter Month at ChapterBuzz, which starts January 1st, I’m looking for guest bloggers to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom!

Got something to teach us about writing a first chapter? Submit your guest post here and I’ll publish it on this blog before First Chapter Month kicks off.

Here are some topics that work well:

What’s in a first chapter? What are the necessary elements of a first chapter? As the introduction to the rest of the story, the reader is encountering settings and characters for the first time, so it’s important to know what should be included.

What’s not in a first chapter? Equally important is what not to include—often, there are details that shouldn’t be revealed to the reader too soon! How can a writer decide what to reveal early on, and which details to keep readers in the dark about?

Tricks for getting started. Writing the first chapter in a novel can open the floodgates for the rest of the story to flow. But there are many possible obstacles (writer’s block, confidence, fear, lack of ideas, to name a few) to sitting down and cranking out those first few paragraphs. Do you have any tricks for “greasing the wheels”?

If this gives you any ideas, you could be our next guest blogger. Original content or already-published articles welcome. Submit yours here!

One thought on “Want to be a guest blogger? Your article is welcome!

  1. First chapter, the blurb and synopsis are the worst things to write – not in this order. Synopsis is probably worse than doing the whole book all over. For every book I have ever written (with the intention to publish) I have multiple blurbs. At one point, I got so frustrated, I tossed a coin to pick with blurb to use. First chapter… Oy! First chapter needs to hook the reader. I have read and loved many books that did not hook me in the first chapter. However, when we write, we should make the first chapter so scrumptious, that even those readers who are on a strict reading diet would carry on reading.


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