“It never occurred to me I had something valuable to say”: why Sarah Tinsley writes

Sarah Tinsley

Sarah Tinsley

Last month I asked our community, “Why do you write?”

Turns out, the answers to this question are as varied as we writers are.

Our first featured writer is Sarah Tinsley, a U.K.-based writer who runs a community project in London that helps young women develop their written skills.

Psst…I’d like to feature as many writers as possible, so if you haven’t submitted your answer yet, please do! Submit it here

“I’m passionate about equality and making quiet voices heard,” Sarah says, “which is why I want to help everyone speak and write the words they believe in.”

But it took Sarah quite a while to understand how valuable her own words were, as she explains:

It took me over thirty years to feel as though I had something worthwhile to contribute to the world of writing. In all of my studies I chose creative writing courses, but it never occurred to me I had something valuable to say. I just didn’t see people like me—working class females—in the stories or on the author bios of the books we studied.

Publishing still feels like a high-walled enclosure I have no idea how to get into, but I now have the confidence to think that I might just have something interesting to say. I also didn’t realize how important creativity was for me. Only when I had a baby and a teaching career did I find my brain nagging at me to do something else. It’s frustrating, energizing, exhausting, and wonderful in equal measure.

Check out Sarah’s blog, Sarah Scribbles, and learn more about how she’s using her writing talent to help people.

Thanks for being a part of this, Sarah!

Why do you write? Submit your answer here and you could be featured on this blog!

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