Did you self-publish a book? Let’s give it a boost!

Learn more about TimEvery day I’m discovering novels that are truly great.

But these aren’t mainstream hits—these are self-published books that, to everyone’s detriment, got buried in the huge “Amazon book pile.”

These are thrilling, funny, or just plain delightful stories that, thanks to big tech’s complex search algorithms (or the author’s lack of a promotion budget), ended up as #197,268 on the chart, dashing any hope of anyone discovering them in the next hundred years.

Well, forget all that. Today, let’s re-introduce you to readers—starting with the 4,600 readers of this blog!

To do this, I’m starting a spreadsheet of good books, so we can have them all in one place. Will you add yours to the list?

This is your chance to start over—at the top—instead of sitting around waiting for some computer program to magically realize what a gem your book really is and move it up the chart.

Comment below with the title of your book, a quick summary, and a link where we can purchase the book, and I’ll add it to the spreadsheet.

Next week, I’ll show off the spreadsheet to everyone on this blog!

6 thoughts on “Did you self-publish a book? Let’s give it a boost!

  1. Thank you for this opportunity! Here’s the back cover blurb [shorten if you need to] of my novel Try Try Again: “America, the near future: The year’s hottest reality TV show is a re-creation of a famous trial, for the murder of a Congressman. Viewers are able to log in and “act” along with one of the principals. Viewers selected by the show’s computer as being the best in-character win cash prizes. But there are unanswered questions about the trial itself – was the killer put up to the killing? Why? At-home contestant Jillian Hall “acts” as Liv Saunders, the defense attorney in the original trial, and wins a fortune. When the two finally meet, they struggle to discover the truth about the murder, and uncover the appalling terrorist plot behind it.”

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  2. I’d like to preface this with a thank you for doing this. These opportunities make a world of difference in self-publishing. 🙂

    “First Quest”
    This tale of magic and mystery takes place in a land not accommodating to either and details the struggles of an unlikely candidate who dreams of becoming a White Knight, until he finds out what that really entails.

    Young Daveth Dwight is a stable-boy turned White Knight through a series of what, to the untrained eye, seem like coincidences. Though this seems like the life-changing event he’s been waiting for, Daveth comes to repeatedly learn that nothing is as it seems. On a quest to retrieve a princess from a magical tower protected by a dragon, this otherwise cliché setting derails the young man’s happily-ever-after expectations very quickly.

    Colorful characters spanning a full spectrum of alignments help and hinder the young Knight in his attempt to prove his worth against the onslaught of obstacles and confusion he will encounter.

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