Hurry, authors! Add your self-published book to the Discovery List

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I’m creating a spreadsheet, called the Discovery List, to help your book stand out—and bypass all those complex computer algorithms that may have buried your book under hundreds of thousands of others.

Let’s let the readers decide, instead of a giant tech company, shall we? If you add your book, I’ll be able to introduce you and your novel to our 4,600 readers on this blog.

I’ll sort the spreadsheet by genre and our readers can have a field day with it, discovering talented authors—like you—who write the genres they love.

If you’ve self-published a book, use this page to add your book to the spreadsheet!

18 thoughts on “Hurry, authors! Add your self-published book to the Discovery List

  1. The Curse of Steel, written by John Alleyn. Fantasy genre.

    In a single fateful day, Krava the Swift learns of her divine ancestry and gains possession of a weapon of formidable power. Suddenly raised to prominence among her Iron Age tribe, at first she enjoys her new life as a god-touched hero. She quickly learns that a hero’s life may be glorious but it’s also complicated – and possibly quite short.

    Purchase link:


  2. The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart

    By Ann Harrison

    Ann Harrison’s first book of poems delve into her creative journey, given to her by the Holy Spirit. The first section, entitled A Writers Life, covers her journey from writer to creative dreamer, until she blooms into a published author.

    The second section, entitled Seaside Poems, will take you on a walk along the seashore, where the Holy Spirit and your muse awaits to fill your heart and mind with inspiration, pulling you out of your creative slump. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you fill page after page with words, pictures or fill your hands with whatever creative task you strive to undertake, as you read these verses, which come straight from the author’s heart.

    The third and final section entitled Poems from the Heart, describes the journey of a lost soul as he gives his heart to Jesus and finds a new beginning. Others describe a narrator’s sorrowful tears melting into joyful music and singing. Some of these verses touch on the author’s spiritual walk with the Lord and the music God has placed within her soul. Open your heart and let your mind wander as the Holy Spirit speaks to you through each verse within these pages.

    Available in eBook and Audio formats:

    Purchase link:

    Audible link:


  3. Chronicles of Riss: Book 2 of Adventures in Sorcery
    by Jeanne Owens
    Confronting evil sorcerers. Fighting monsters. Dueling metal golems. Searching for a sea monster. Hunting lost treasure. Finding a missing show dog. Competing in talent contests. These are just some of the widely varied exploits that the young mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt shares in this second Adventures in Sorcery book. Riss reveals how she ended up as a mercenary and chronicles some of the many adventures, ranging from fun to serious, that she’s had prior to the events of Kismet and Tell.


  4. Saving the Storm Mage
    by Miya Kressin
    Dystopian fiction
    When the government learned they couldn’t control the mages they genetically engineered, they decided the best thing was to turn a subset of them into magic-eating zombies to eradicate the problem.
    Kaitlyn spent her whole life being a freak; between epilepsy and being a siphon, the only person who has ever brought her peace was her best friend. When the government kidnaps Greg, they discover that a siphon who has had everything taken from her has nothing left to lose and will stop at nothing to regain what was hers. She’ll destroy the world to save the storm mage if that’s what it takes.


  5. Always good to have more avenues to get the word out to readers!
    I’ll throw my 2 books into the mix:
    Author: Leon Stevens
    Book: Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures
    Genre: Poetry
    Synopsis: This book has words to encourage you, to make you laugh, and to invite you to reflect. With each chapter, a lens opens, revealing a different observation. It is an eclectic mix of poetry, prose, and short stories that address the subjects of loss, struggle, human behavior, and environment in both humorous and thought-provoking ways. The author invites his readers to laugh, think, cry, and meditate on the wide variety of topics. Scattered throughout the book are sketches of various subjects, many that relate to the poems and stories they illustrate; others speak for themselves.

    Links: or

    Author: Leon Stevens
    Book: The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories
    Genre: Science Fiction
    Synopsis: A journey to the center of the universe…Humanity’s final days…A strange midnight visitor… A faster than light test with unforeseen results…Writings found in a desolate world…These are some of the short stories in this collection, written in the style of the early science fiction writers when imagination trumped scientific knowledge. In addition, some short post-apocalyptic tales and poems are included in this new book by Leon Stevens.



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  6. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity:) I have 2 to put up.

    1) Redeemed From the Ashes by Leah Lindeman
    Historical Fiction

    Evelyn Richardson loses her maimed husband Carl as a result of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. The chances of finding him grow thin as the days pass into cruel winter, and the chaos of a shattered city remains. Evelyn is encouraged by her disheartening mother to leave Carl for dead and to move on with her life.

    At first she refuses such a notion; but when Gerald MacCrae, a doctor at Camp Hill Hospital, enters her heart in friendship, her resolve weakens and finally disintegrates. Gerald harbours a secret from the past and within the present that threatens to rip apart any chance at happiness for Evelyn again. Can she redeem any shred of familiarity from her past or will she forge ahead on the wings of a new life, a new love?

    2) Wisps of Gold by Leah Lindeman
    Historical Fiction

    Rose Wood is fresh out of finishing school where her father, taken by gold fever, deserted her five years ago. She journeys the Cariboo Wagon Road to return to her father’s side at the 108 Mile Hotel. Once she arrives, a rotting stench greets her at the door—her father’s corpse left for her to find.

    Whispers abound he was killed for his treasure. Blackmail and veiled threats from an unknown enemy compel her to search for her father’s hidden gold vein. Eager to squash the rumours once and for all, she sinks deeper into the mystery of her father’s death. The lines between friends and foes become blurred. Will she find the infamous gold vein? Will she uncover where the treasure of her heart truly lies?


  7. Hi Timothy, thanks for this great offer. Most of my books are published by a small independent publisher, but I’ve published a few myself as well. My novel is as follows:
    Breaking Faith, by Stuart Aken. Romantic Thriller.
    As Faith stands shivering before the gates of the notorious Longhouse, she asks herself why she’s seeking employment with a man her father describes as the Devil’s Henchman. Everything in her past warns her this move could be dangerous. But maybe that’s why she’s applied for the job.
    Leigh can’t believe he’s about to interview the village idiot as his Girl Friday. Her ‘homeless’ style of dress hides all physical attributes and she has the reputation of a simpleton. But, on the phone, she was warm and intelligent, and she’ll be cheap. The only cause for concern is how his printing assistant, Merv, might react to a woman working closely with him.
    Faith is naïve and inexperienced; Leigh, worldly and promiscuous; Merv, misogynistic and jealous. Put them together, add the spice of sex, the hypocrisy of religious mania and the violence of frustrated passion, and you have a recipe for murder. Who will kill? Who will die? And why?
    Universal Amazon link:


  8. Hello Timothy
    I LOVE spreadsheets! What an incredible project. Thanks for the undertaking.

    I have 2 that we self-published this year.

    “Butterflies for Life”, written by Liana Joi Jennings, Illustrated by Rebecca Joi Jennings
    Genre: Children’s, Inspirational

    Follow the story of a butterfly who forgets what it is and becomes what a spider wants it to be.
    Written in prose and illustrated colourfully for children, ‘Butterflies for Life’ contains a powerful message that is universal to all ages. Everyone has family, friends or associates who can be a spider in their life. The power of the message is recognizing their inner-butterfly and shaking off their “spider slippers made of glue” and being who they were meant to be.

    “Fish Can Not Climb Trees”, written by Liana Joi Jennings, Illustrated by Rebecca Joi Jennings
    Genre: Children’s, Inspirational

    This story was inspired by a foster family whose adopted daughter was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) at the age of six.
    Illustrated colourfully and written for a young child, it is a simple story about the power of finding your own unique way in the world.
    “She’s a happy little fish, but she will never be able to climb a tree.”

    Looking forward to seeing your spreadsheet! Many thanks!

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