Looking for your book reviews! Have you reviewed a self-published book?

Learn more about TimWe all know it can be difficult for self-published authors to stand out in the crowd.

And what a crowd it is—there are millions of titles on Amazon alone!

You may be thinking, But a lot of those books aren’t very good, since anyone can publish anything these days.

For certain.

But by the same token, just think about how many really good books are out there. Books that go unread, simply because the author lacks either the marketing savvy, the funds to advertise, or the sheer number of sales required to rise to the top.

There are so many terrific novels waiting to be discovered, and I want to help readers find them.

This is where the Discovery List comes in. It’s a simple spreadsheet I’m putting together that matches outstanding self-published books with readers who would really dig them.

As someone who reviews books, you play a crucial role. Your positive review could go a long way in swaying readers to purchase the books they find on our Discovery List.

Have you posted any book reviews on your blog? Share them with us in a comment below! Please include the link to your blog post, and remember, it’s for self-published books only.

4 thoughts on “Looking for your book reviews! Have you reviewed a self-published book?

  1. Interesting post and yes I should start posting reviews on my blog site. I started blogging to help me gain confidence and a few readers to enable me to publish. I have discovered finding reviewers is difficult. Yesterday in the local shop I was approached by a local woman who told me she read one of my books and loved it. However, when asked if she would be willing to post a review on amazon, her answer was that she had never thought of reviewing a book. It seems to be a frightening proposal to some of our readers.

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