Did you self-publish a book (or know someone who did)?

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As you may have heard, I’m creating a spreadsheet of self-published books that we can circulate to help give you and your books a little more visibility.

There are so many wonderful books out there that may not be enjoying tremendous popularity. Why? Because as many self-published authors know (or quickly realize), it’s one thing to write a book, and it’s quite another to get sales.

It doesn’t help that big companies like Amazon have algorithms that, in a sort of Catch-22, showcase books that are already selling well—or whose authors are paying handsome fees for advertising.

The rest of the books, even really good ones, get buried.

That’s why I’m setting up this Discovery List: to help get eyes on your work!

To add your book to the list, just post a comment on my Discovery List page. As the list gets shared around, we’ll see readers coming out of the woodwork—readers who wouldn’t have known your book existed otherwise.

I posted about this last week and the response was great. Thanks to all who have added to the list.

So far, we’ve got 20 books on the list, which you can check out below. Once we add a few more, I’ll put the actual spreadsheet up so you can download it and share it!

1. Try Try Again by Terence Kuch (Thriller)

America, the near future: The year’s hottest reality TV show is a re-creation of a famous trial, for the murder of a Congressman. Viewers are able to log in and “act” along with one of the principals. Viewers selected by the show’s computer as being the best in-character win cash prizes. But there are unanswered questions about the trial itself – was the killer put up to the killing? Why? At-home contestant Jillian Hall “acts” as Liv Saunders, the defense attorney in the original trial, and wins a fortune. When the two finally meet, they struggle to discover the truth about the murder, and uncover the appalling terrorist plot behind it. Check out this book

2. First Quest by E. Molloy (Fantasy)

This tale of magic and mystery takes place in a land not accommodating to either and details the struggles of an unlikely candidate who dreams of becoming a White Knight, until he finds out what that really entails.

Young Daveth Dwight is a stable-boy turned White Knight through a series of what, to the untrained eye, seem like coincidences. Though this seems like the life-changing event he’s been waiting for, Daveth comes to repeatedly learn that nothing is as it seems. On a quest to retrieve a princess from a magical tower protected by a dragon, this otherwise cliché setting derails the young man’s happily-ever-after expectations very quickly.

Colorful characters spanning a full spectrum of alignments help and hinder the young Knight in his attempt to prove his worth against the onslaught of obstacles and confusion he will encounter. Check out this book

3. The Curse of Steel by John Alleyn (Fantasy)

In a single fateful day, Krava the Swift learns of her divine ancestry and gains possession of a weapon of formidable power. Suddenly raised to prominence among her Iron Age tribe, at first she enjoys her new life as a god-touched hero. She quickly learns that a hero’s life may be glorious but it’s also complicated – and possibly quite short. Check out this book

4. The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart by Ann Harrison (Poetry)

Ann Harrison’s first book of poems delve into her creative journey, given to her by the Holy Spirit. The first section, entitled A Writers Life, covers her journey from writer to creative dreamer, until she blooms into a published author.

The second section, entitled Seaside Poems, will take you on a walk along the seashore, where the Holy Spirit and your muse awaits to fill your heart and mind with inspiration, pulling you out of your creative slump. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you fill page after page with words, pictures or fill your hands with whatever creative task you strive to undertake, as you read these verses, which come straight from the author’s heart.

The third and final section entitled Poems from the Heart, describes the journey of a lost soul as he gives his heart to Jesus and finds a new beginning. Others describe a narrator’s sorrowful tears melting into joyful music and singing. Some of these verses touch on the author’s spiritual walk with the Lord and the music God has placed within her soul. Open your heart and let your mind wander as the Holy Spirit speaks to you through each verse within these pages. Check out this book

5. Chronicles of Riss: Book 2 of Adventures in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens (Fantasy/Young Adult)

Confronting evil sorcerers. Fighting monsters. Dueling metal golems. Searching for a sea monster. Hunting lost treasure. Finding a missing show dog. Competing in talent contests. These are just some of the widely varied exploits that the young mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt shares in this second Adventures in Sorcery book. Riss reveals how she ended up as a mercenary and chronicles some of the many adventures, ranging from fun to serious, that she’s had prior to the events of Kismet and Tell. Check out this book

6. Saving the Storm Mage by Miya Kressin (Dystopian Fiction)

When the government learned they couldn’t control the mages they genetically engineered, they decided the best thing was to turn a subset of them into magic-eating zombies to eradicate the problem.

Kaitlyn spent her whole life being a freak; between epilepsy and being a siphon, the only person who has ever brought her peace was her best friend. When the government kidnaps Greg, they discover that a siphon who has had everything taken from her has nothing left to lose and will stop at nothing to regain what was hers. She’ll destroy the world to save the storm mage if that’s what it takes. Check out this book

7. Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures by Leon Stevens (Poetry)

This book has words to encourage you, to make you laugh, and to invite you to reflect. With each chapter, a lens opens, revealing a different observation. It is an eclectic mix of poetry, prose, and short stories that address the subjects of loss, struggle, human behavior, and environment in both humorous and thought-provoking ways. The author invites his readers to laugh, think, cry, and meditate on the wide variety of topics. Scattered throughout the book are sketches of various subjects, many that relate to the poems and stories they illustrate; others speak for themselves. Check out this book

8. The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories by Leon Stevens (Science Fiction)

A journey to the center of the universe…Humanity’s final days…A strange midnight visitor… A faster than light test with unforeseen results…Writings found in a desolate world…These are some of the short stories in this collection, written in the style of the early science fiction writers when imagination trumped scientific knowledge. In addition, some short post-apocalyptic tales and poems are included in this new book by Leon Stevens. Check out this book

9. Redeemed From the Ashes by Leah Lindeman (Historical Fiction)

Evelyn Richardson loses her maimed husband Carl as a result of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. The chances of finding him grow thin as the days pass into cruel winter, and the chaos of a shattered city remains. Evelyn is encouraged by her disheartening mother to leave Carl for dead and to move on with her life.

At first she refuses such a notion; but when Gerald MacCrae, a doctor at Camp Hill Hospital, enters her heart in friendship, her resolve weakens and finally disintegrates. Gerald harbours a secret from the past and within the present that threatens to rip apart any chance at happiness for Evelyn again. Can she redeem any shred of familiarity from her past or will she forge ahead on the wings of a new life, a new love? Check out this book

10. Wisps of Gold by Leah Lindeman (Historical Fiction)

Rose Wood is fresh out of finishing school where her father, taken by gold fever, deserted her five years ago. She journeys the Cariboo Wagon Road to return to her father’s side at the 108 Mile Hotel. Once she arrives, a rotting stench greets her at the door—her father’s corpse left for her to find.

Whispers abound he was killed for his treasure. Blackmail and veiled threats from an unknown enemy compel her to search for her father’s hidden gold vein. Eager to squash the rumours once and for all, she sinks deeper into the mystery of her father’s death. The lines between friends and foes become blurred. Will she find the infamous gold vein? Will she uncover where the treasure of her heart truly lies? Check out this book

11. Breaking Faith by Stuart Aken (Romantic Thriller)

As Faith stands shivering before the gates of the notorious Longhouse, she asks herself why she’s seeking employment with a man her father describes as the Devil’s Henchman. Everything in her past warns her this move could be dangerous. But maybe that’s why she’s applied for the job.

Leigh can’t believe he’s about to interview the village idiot as his Girl Friday. Her ‘homeless’ style of dress hides all physical attributes and she has the reputation of a simpleton. But, on the phone, she was warm and intelligent, and she’ll be cheap. The only cause for concern is how his printing assistant, Merv, might react to a woman working closely with him.

Faith is naïve and inexperienced; Leigh, worldly and promiscuous; Merv, misogynistic and jealous. Put them together, add the spice of sex, the hypocrisy of religious mania and the violence of frustrated passion, and you have a recipe for murder. Who will kill? Who will die? And why? Check out this book

12. Why Not Me?: A Feeling of Millions by Anubhav Agrawal (Romance)

A hopeless romantic, Anubhav had been looking for the love of his life. When Zoya accepted his online friend request, he felt an instant connection. Soon, he was falling deeply in love with her.

For four years, first as friend and then as boyfriend, Anubhav waited for the day that Zoya would fall for him too. It never came. He had fallen in love with a person who had never really cared about him. He thought that if Zoya ever left him, he would be devastated. Turns out, it was the best gift ever.

In Why Not Me? A Feeling of Millions, Anubhav looks back on his roller-coaster ride of being crazy in love to heartbroken, expressing in words what countless others have felt. His message? A broken heart can make you a stronger person.

Already a national bestseller, Why Not Me? is a story of learning to love yourself again. Check out this book

13. Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain by George Mahood (Humor)

The plan is simple. George and Ben have three weeks to cycle 1000 miles from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland. There is just one small problem… they have no bikes, no clothes, no food and no money. Setting off in just a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts, they attempt to rely on the generosity of the British public for everything from food to accommodation, clothes to shoes, and bikes to beer.

During the most hilarious adventure, George and Ben encounter some of Great Britain’s most eccentric and extraordinary characters and find themselves in the most ridiculous situations. Free Country is guaranteed to make you laugh (you may even shed a tear). It will restore your faith in humanity and leave you with a big smile on your face and a warm feeling inside. Check out this book

14. Sunken Castles, Evil Poodles: Commentaries on German Folklore by Jürgen Hubert (Folklore)

Experience German folklore as never before!

With 155 original translations of German legends folklore tales drawing from more than two dozen sources, discover:

– Frau Gauden, the Eternal Huntress
– The sunken city built by Pontius Pilate
– Walriders and other pressure spirits – who attack you by sitting on you and wearing you down
– The tale of the smith who escaped Hell and stormed the very gates of Heaven
– Kobolds – the gold farmers of yore
– And, of course, sunken castles and evil poodles!

This volume also includes extensive commentary and footnotes on the historical and cultural context of these tales – as well as a travelogue listing the locations where these legends allegedly took place. Furthermore, all translations are published under a Creative Commons license – allowing anyone to use them in their own works without restrictions! Check out this book

15. Code of the Communer: Shadows in the Wildwood Book 1 by Kai Greenwood (Fantasy)

Wild woods, ancient ruins, and terrifying monsters, Code of the Communer is atmospheric fantasy with a can’t-put-me-down narrative. Take an immersive journey into the Wildwood with this semi-finalist in the SPFBO 2020 Fantasy Awards. Check out this book

16. Son of Ishtar: Empires of Bronze by Gordon Doherty (Historical Fiction)

1315 BC: Tensions soar between the great powers of the Late Bronze Age. The Hittites stand toe-to-toe with Egypt, Assyria and Mycenaean Ahhiyawa, and war seems inevitable. More, the fierce Kaskan tribes – age-old enemies of the Hittites – amass at the northern borders.

When Prince Hattu is born, it should be a rare joyous moment for all the Hittite people. But when the Goddess Ishtar comes to King Mursili in a dream, she warns that the boy is no blessing, telling of a dark future where he will stain Mursili’s throne with blood and bring destruction upon the world.

Thus, Hattu endures a solitary boyhood in the shadow of his siblings, spurned by his father and shunned by the Hittite people. But when the Kaskans invade, Hattu is drawn into the fray. It is a savage journey in which he strives to show his worth and valour. Yet with his every step, the shadow of Ishtar’s prophecy darkens… Check out this book

17. Dawn of War: Empires of Bronze by Gordon Doherty (Historical Fiction)

1294 BC: The fragile accord between the Hittite and Egyptian empires is crumbling. The ancient world braces itself for war on an unprecedented scale. Prince Hattu, the greatest of the Hittite generals, suffers dreams of terrible consequences – conjured by the Goddess Ishtar. But Hattu refuses to accept her prophecies, adamant that there is one last chance for peace.

This fragile hope lies in the borderlands of the east, where the two rival empires touch. Hattu gathers a chosen band and sets out for this distant, blistering desert land, determined and defiant. Yet the further he ventures, the darker and more twisted his mission becomes. Old ghosts rise around him and Ishtar haunts his every move.

The Goddess’ divinations cannot be avoided, men say. Hattu will walk through fire to prove them wrong. Check out this book

18. Thunder at Kadesh: Empires of Bronze by Gordon Doherty (Historical Fiction)

1275 BC: Tensions between the Hittite and Egyptian Empires erupt and the two great superpowers mobilise for all-out war. Horns blare across the Hittite northlands and the dunes of Egypt rumble with the din of drums as each gathers an army of unprecedented size. Both set their eyes upon the border between their domains, and the first and most important target: a desert city whose name will toll through history. Kadesh!

Prince Hattu has lived in torment for years, plagued by the memory of his wife’s murder. Thoughts of her poisoner, Volca the Sherden – for so long safe and distant by Pharaoh Ramesses’ side – have sullied his dreams, blackened his waking hours and driven him to commit the darkest of deeds. Now that war is here, he at last has the chance to confront his nemesis and have his vengeance.

But as the ancient world goes to war, Hattu will learn that the cold, sweet kiss of revenge comes at a terrible price. Check out this book

19. Butterflies for Life by Liana Joi Jennings (Children’s/Inspirational)

Follow the story of a butterfly who forgets what it is and becomes what a spider wants it to be.

Written in prose and illustrated colourfully for children, “Butterflies for Life” contains a powerful message that is universal to all ages. Everyone has family, friends or associates who can be a spider in their life. The power of the message is recognizing their inner-butterfly and shaking off their “spider slippers made of glue” and being who they were meant to be. Check out this book

20. Fish Can Not Climb Trees by Liana Joi Jennings (Children’s/Inspirational)

This story was inspired by a foster family whose adopted daughter was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) at the age of six.

Illustrated colourfully and written for a young child, it is a simple story about the power of finding your own unique way in the world. “She’s a happy little fish, but she will never be able to climb a tree.” Check out this book

Once again, if you’re the author of a self-published book, or you know someone who self-published a book and you think it should be on the list, add it to the comments on my Discovery List page!