This is the year your novel goes viral!

Learn more about TimI think it’s about time we heard the word “viral” in a happy context, what do you think?

So here goes: let’s make 2021 the year your novel goes viral!

Have you self-published a book? Add it to our Discovery List, and let’s introduce as many readers as possible to your work and get that word of mouth started.

You know how hard you worked on it, you know what an excellent story it is, so this is your chance to see that hard work pay off.

Why settle for being jumbled in a huge pile of books on Amazon or some other retailer, when you could be out in front?

The Discovery List is just a simple spreadsheet I’m compiling that will make it easy for book lovers to find their next riveting read. And with so many people still spending lots of time indoors, now’s the best time to get your book out there.

If you’ve self-published a book, add it on this page, and it could even become our Best Self-Published Book of the Week.

We’re looking forward to discovering your book, and helping others discover it too!