No budget to promote your self-published book? The Discovery List is here for you

Learn more about TimLet’s face it: book promotion can be a challenge for indie authors.

Traditional publishers, as we know, tend to have deep pockets, access to big-name book reviewers who write for newspapers and magazines, and plenty of pull with bookstore chains to make sure their books sell well.

But rare is the self-published author who has this much influence.

This puts independent authors in the position of having to spend more and more of their time thinking of more and more ways to attract readers to their work. It gets exhausting.

Yes, any author can throw money at Amazon to have their book appear more often, but that can get expensive.

That’s why I started the Discovery List!

It’s just a simple spreadsheet full of self-published books (like yours) that readers are bound to like, but it also allows all the voices in our community to weigh in on why they liked them, and add even more to our list.

And since it’s a spreadsheet, readers can sort it in any way they like to find books they’ll really connect with. Good luck trying to sort the big ol’ book pile at Amazon, am I right?

Once we have 100 entries on the list, and 5,000 blog followers (currently 4,699), I’ll release the Discovery List to our readers and we can all have a field day with it.

You wrote a great book, so get it on the list quickly! Add it here!