Where are all the book reviews hiding? I know they’re out there…

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I happen to know that there are tons of really good self-published books out there.

And book reviews, I believe, are the key to finding them.

(When I say reviews, by the way, I don’t mean the little blurbs that any old Amazon user can post as a “review,” I’m talking about people who liked your book enough to actually take the time to post an entire article on their blog or website about it.)

The thing is, there are thousands and thousands of book reviews out there—scattered across the internet on different people’s blogs and websites—but how the heck do we find them?

By asking the authors, that’s how. They know exactly where all their reviews are!

And I think it would be great to have all of this information in one place.

That’s why I’m compiling a list of self-published books (and reviews) into one big spreadsheet called the Discovery List. It’ll be your one-stop shop for the best self-published books out there—with the reviews to prove it.

Once we’ve got 5,000 followers of this blog (currently 4,700), and 100 books on the list (currently 25-ish), I’ll make the list available to download. It’ll be fun. Please give this blog a follow if you’re interested in discovering new books every week!

If you’re a self-published author, let’s put your book—and a positive review about it—front and center.

I call it your “Discovery Press Kit.” It sound fancy, but it’s actually pretty simple: it’s just the information about your book along with one positive review. As it happens, I’ve made it easy to add your Discovery Press Kit to the list.

The importance of book reviews cannot be overstated, as I’ll explain in my next blog post.

In the meantime, please feel free to add your self-published book to the list!

What do you think?

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