Book reviews: who needs ’em, anyway? A quick answer

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Looking for your big break as an author? Try delving into the world of book reviews.

by Timothy Pike

You may already know that book reviews are important. But just how important are they? For self-published authors, I believe they’re crucial.

Since most “indie” authors don’t have access to large budgets, sales teams, and mainstream media outlets, we instead turn to the most powerful tool we have—the collective voice of book lovers and literary enthusiasts from all corners of the internet—to give our books the boost they deserve.

This is my latest project: putting together a list of self-published books that are totally worth the read. I call it the Discovery List, and I’m taking recommendations now and adding them to the list.

Want to add one to our list? You can do that here.

Also, give this blog a follow if you’re interested in discovering new books every week! Once we’ve got 5,000 followers (currently 4,700), and 100 books on the list, I’ll make the list available to download.

But what’s so great about a review, anyway? After all, who really cares what someone else thinks?

Consider these points:

1. A positive review says, I’ve read this book, and trust me, it’s good. This could easily sway a reader—someone who may have been on the fence before—into purchasing your book, and sudddenly…boom! You now have another reader in your orbit. This person will be more likely to buy another one of your books (maybe the next in the series?) and follow you on social media for news of your next release.

2. It creates buzz. One review may not make you an overnight sensation, but the more reviews you get, the more your name starts to sound familiar to readers—and they’ll start to associate you with quality writing. More reviews = more people talking about you = more sales = more reviews, and the cycle keeps going!

3. It’s free advertising. The more readers the reviewer has, the more people who hear about your book. This could be thousands at a time! The review also gets included in search results, so even long after it’s published, people will still be stumbling across it when they’re on “The Google” searching for their next read. The best advertising is word-of-mouth, and that’s exactly what a review is.

I’d like to get as many book reviewers and self-published authors as possible involved, so go ahead and add your book (or review) to the Discovery List today.

Let’s discover some new books together!

I’m Timothy Pike, founder of ChapterBuzz, and self-publishing coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and even the real shelves of your local bookstore.

What do you think?

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