Self-published author? I want to help your book get discovered!

Learn more about TimYou put in all the effort to write your novel and self-publish it, so now, of course, you’d like people to read and enjoy it, right?

This is where it starts to get tricky.

Many—I think it’s fair to say most—self-published authors don’t have large platforms and big budgets to help their books soar up the Amazon bestseller lists right off the bat. Maybe you can relate.

But you wrote a great book, so why aren’t readers flocking to it?

The problem is that Amazon doesn’t know how great your book is until they see sales rolling in. Once that happens, you’ll be the proud author of a book that’s quickly rising to the top, while Amazon starts recommending your book all over their site. This, of course, brings in all sorts of new sales.

But in the meantime, it can be hard to make sales … until you make sales.

Wait, what??

That’s right. In a catch-22 of literary proportions, you have to make sales in order to make sales.

Now, it’s possible to break this vicious cycle—authors do it all the time—but to do so requires some up-front work on your part to get word out about your book.

And the Discovery List is a brand-new, super-easy way to do this! It’s also free.

The Discovery List is a spreadsheet full of self-published books that are a cut above, that truly stand out from the pack.

It’s all part of my quest to find every self-published book out there worth reading. And I decided the best way to find them was to go straight to the source, and ask readers—and the authors themselves—to add their finds.

The Discovery List is so brand new, in fact, that we’re still welcoming the “First 100.” Once we have 100 books on the list, the spreadsheet goes live, and we’ll all be swimming in a sea of excellent self-published books with the thumbs-up reviews to prove it.

New books are being added every day. Add yours to the List right now—and be a part of the First 100!

What do you think?

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