Found: this excellent book of found poetry based on Edgar Allan Poe’s work

Learn more about TimIt’s a question for our modern times: how do you know which self-published books are worth reading?

Since anyone can publish anything these days, there can be a lot of guesswork and luck involved. But at the same time, so many quality books are out there, just waiting to be discovered.

So I decided to go straight to the source, and ask you and other authors to let me know about your well-reviewed books.

I’m keeping track of them all in a big Excel spreadsheet that I call Tim’s Discovery List, and it’s growing by the day! If you’ve self-published a book, and you think it’s worth reading, please let us know about it here, and I’ll add it to the List.

Cover for See a Dream Within: Found "Poe"try Based on the Collected Poetry Works of Edgar Allan Poe by David EllisIn the meantime, here’s this week’s pick:
See a Dream Within: Found “Poe”try Based on the Collected Poetry Works of Edgar Allan Poe
by David Ellis

Reviewer Kriti Khare of Armed with a Book gives it 4 out of 5 stars:

“… quick, relaxing, at times thought provoking read …

I would recommend fans of Edgar Allan Poe, and anyone interested in short poetry, to definitely pick up this collection.”

“Have you ever read found poetry?” Kriti writes. “It’s when you take a piece of writing and using the words in that piece, you create a poem!”

Here’s what See a Dream Within is about:

Decades after his poetry and short stories were published in the early to mid 1800’s, we still respect, revere and admire the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, celebrated master of the macabre, suspense and horror.

Within this collection of found poems, David Ellis has examined the collected poetry works of Edgar Allan Poe and crafted new poetry that will move you and inspire you as much as the original works themselves.

In this book, you will find many new ways to appreciate the words of Edgar and his distinguished poetic works, as he influences a passionate poet who is keen to breathe modern day life into his magnificent words.

Poems like The Raven, Annabel Lee, Lenore, A Dream Within A Dream, Alone and many other literary gems are used as foundations that pave the way for a whole different kind of intimate poetic experience that will surprise you time and again.

For Poe fans, this collection is an essential purchase. Edgar Allan Poe may be long gone but within these pieces, his spirit continues to shine and live on.

Read See a Dream Within today! The e-book is available from your favorite bookseller.

Have you read this, or another great self-published book lately? What did you think? Add your own book, book review, or Love Note, and your input will help us keep finding excellent reads!

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