Got 1 hour in the morning? You can write a novel

Learn more about TimHere’s a fun writing equation:

One hour in the morning


A little imagination


A novel?

That’s right, an entire novel!

If you’ve ever wished you could set aside a few weeks just to focus on your writing, or hoped for an excuse to condition yourself to write every day, you are in luck.

That’s what our upcoming event, the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge, is for!

Join us and prepare to write 1,000 words a day for 21 days, meet the other writers in our Facebook discussion group, and get feedback on your work so you can write a novel that totally rocks.

At the end of the Launchpad Challenge, use the momentum you’ve built (and your daily writing habit) to finish the remaining chapters and finally be able to type “The End” on your manuscript. You now have a completed first draft!

Remember, using these simple ingredients…

1 hour a day + your imagination…

The literary world is yours to conquer! Join us today!

5 thoughts on “Got 1 hour in the morning? You can write a novel

  1. One hour a day is all you really need to write a novel indeed! Many aspiring authors think that just because they don’t have entire days to dedicate to the craft, that they should not even try. Anyway, sounds like a great event you have here!


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